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music hud looks weird and i hate it

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iPhone 8

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iOS 12


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 i opened spotify this morning and it looked like this instead of how it usually looks which is more spread out and the buttons are larger. I thought this HUD was only associated with free accounts because my friends with free accounts had some form of this. it happened a few days ago also and i thought the app was just confused or something but i just force closed the app or whatever you call it and it went away. it’s really annoying and now to see my queue or to repeat the song i have to press the three dots THEN press repeat or see queue. this really sucks because I like the other hud a lot and this one is just harder to use because the smaller play/pause button and having to do extra steps to repeat and see queue. 

Also, this is totally unrelated but can you guys make a way to make a playlist from your queue because sometimes i make queues and i realize they’re really good and i want to make them into a playlist but i can’t, i’ve seen a lot of other people ask for this as well and it would be pretty awesome so please take this into consideration.

Who Me Too'd this topic