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Spotify randomly playing song



When I am listening to spotify (premium) on pc all is ok, except for when Spotify will either randomly just decide to play whatever music it wants to out of the blue when I haven't even touched it for like an hour, or even worse than that Spotify has now started doing this and also interupting songs and playlists with "Island Vibes" by "Dj Big Puppet" I have never once heard this song or heard the artist, I mean who even is Dj Big Puppet?? I listen to hip hop and funk and yet this annoying house track keeps pushing its way into my mixes, and now I also come to find that it is saved in my library???? If I had saved it in my library I would have had to go out of my way to do so considering the fact that this artist has 11k monthly listeners, I think I would have remembered saving or coming across this song.

I have seen similar issues on here that have had this problem but with "Drill Beats" 

Quite frankly this is just confusing and I don't know what the **bleep** is going on, I didn't know software could have an awkward hormonal phase...

Who Me Too'd this topic

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