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Spotify Android app using a LOT of data on 3G!

Hi there,


I didn't use Spotify yesterday until the preview app was announced and I installed it. Since installing it yesterday shortly after it was announced I've been using it a fair amount.


I have only listened to music in playlists already downloaded for offline use, but Spotify itself has been online.


In Settings 'Download over 2G/3G' is set to OFF - although as stated I have not been listening to anything requiring a download and have also not sync'd any new playlists, except while on wifi last night when I sync'd one new album.


In the two days, 19th and 20th, Android shows Spotify as having used nearly 100MB of network traffic.




This is worrying. Why is it using so much data? I am on a data plan that restricts how much 'streaming and downloading' data I am entitled to use, so am worried that I am going to get throttled due to this.


Can others with the new app please check their own usage amounts?



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Who Me Too'd this topic