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i hate the update






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 i’ve had my spotify premium for several months now, probably just before summer of 2018, and my layout has always been square-like; there was a “+” and check button to add songs to your library; the shuffle and repeat buttons were both next to the play button; the queue button was at the top; the three dots were located at the bottom-ish side; etc.. now that i’ve updated my spotify recently, the buttons have changed significantly to a heart?? and i remember having them for a short time before i switched to spotify premium but the repeat, queue, and “...” buttons have been moved and it makes it a lot harder to use the app. after looking at a few other posts, i saw that this happened for others, too. i wrote this issue to let the spotify team know that i dislike this change a lot and i hope that you guys will put that into consideration for your next update. 


i’ll attach a picture of what i mean when i’m talking about button placement. 


i just think that spotify shouldn’t be changing like this; and the fact that i’m paying for premium and putting money into this, it should mean that the app is easy to use and should be pleasing to the eye—just like how it was before the “heart button” update. 


the picture with the king princess song is the spotify i know and love, whereas the picture of the duckwrth song demonstrates the buttons that i dislike. 

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