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Loud volume ads

I'd like to report seeing this issue in a number of ads in the Mexico City market. The ad volume is disproportionately higher in comparison with the volume of any music I might have been listening to. The main culprits in this case are a couple of ads by Citibanamex promoting two forthcoming shows in the city (Florence + the Machine and Billy Idol). I'm attaching screenshots below. Although right now I'm only reporting two ads, I've noticed that most of the ads produced by Citibanamex follow this trend of being too loud.


spotifyad.PNG spotifyad2.PNG


What are Spotify's guidelines for ad volume for those who want their ads to go up on the platform and how are they enforced? Sometimes it feels like companies compress their ads beyond reasonable limits in order for them to be noticed above the music and other ads, but it gets to the point where it causes physical discomfort to listen to them, and it feels rather irresponsible from both sides. I would hope for stricter regulations regarding ad submission and better quality control and content review for ads hoping to be broadcasted. Hopefully the ad can be modified or removed and stiuations like these can be prevented before the ads go live.

Who Me Too'd this topic