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"Your Library" interface different, in a bad way


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Motorola Z Play


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Android 8.0.0


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 My interface for the "Your Library" section of my app has mysteriously changed and I can't get back to what it was before.  I used to have links for artists, songs, albums, playlists, etc.  Now, I have only 2 categories, "Music" which only gives me access to playlists I've created, artists I'm following (which was empty since I wasn't 'following' any artists, and albums, and "Podcasts" which I don't listen to.  See the attachment for what it looks like.  Also, there used to be a little 'person' icon in the upper left that I could tap on and get to some user info.  That's gone also.  I have 2 questions.  First, is this new interface a planned thing, or could there be a problem with my account.  Second, if it is planned, how do I get back to the old interface, because that one was a heck of a lot more functional than this one.

Who Me Too'd this topic