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Switching songs does not work using spotify connect

Casual Listener


Premium (family account)




Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 running spotify App

connected to Raspberry Pi 3B+ running Volumio with Spotify connect


My Question or Issue


for hearing music I use a streaming client (volumio). This streaming client has spotify connect installed. 

For selecting the music I want to hear I use a Android tablet, I select a song and I use the option to play this song on another device (Spotify connect). This worked perfectly for months.

But since a few days it is not possible any more to swith from a playing song to another song on an other playlist. When I try this it stcks for a moment and then it play the same song. When I want to hear another song I now have to disconnect and play the music on the tablet, then I can switch e.g. to another playlist and then I can connect the streaming client again.

I have checked/resetted/reinstalled nearly everthing within my LAN but the problem still exists - do you have an idea?


Who Me Too'd this topic