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Bad Quality song(s) on Chromecast and Web Player








One Plus 3, Chromecast Audio, Web Player, FiiO Olympus 2, Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

Operating System

Adroid 8.1, Win 10 Pro, Chrome


My Question or Issue

I was  listening to the attached song via Chromecast and noticed some glitches (e.g. Minute 1:40, the jingle of the percussions). I tried with my phone and Headphones and the tune plays just nice there. No glitches. Changing to Web Player with Headphones, the glitches are clearly audible again. I noticed this behaviour with some other song, I do not remember it's name right now. It sounded like compression artifacts and they where also present in the percussuions. Could you give me a statement about the differences in the source used for Chromecast/Web Player and the Smartphone App? I would like to have the same sound quality on all my devices.

Who Me Too'd this topic

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