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[Music] Tracks from Charlie Puth are unplayable in Spotify India






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 I have activated free 1 month trial for Spotify Premium to try it out. I have been using Gaana Plus for long but I think Spotify is better and I was thinking about switching. But when I was adding all the tracks (the tracks I used to play in Gaana) in my Spotify library I noticed that tracks from Charlie Puth are unplayable. When I search for the artist I can find him on Spotify but there are no tracks available in the list. Only covers from different artists for his tracks are there. I could play them in Gaana but why those tracks are unavailable in Spotify India? This is a letdown cause I love his tracks. I would like to know if there is anything I could do to play those tracks in Spotify cause I can see those tracks in a playlist but can't play them and that's a bummer for me. And I am just in the 2nd day of my Spotify Premium trial.


Edit:- I have been adding all my favourite songs and I found many of them (also from other artists like Nicki Minaj, David Guetta) are missing (Unplayable state) in Spotify. I don't know wheather it's a licencing or device certification issue or not.I am having most of my issues with English (some Indian tracks too) tracks. I don't think Spotify Premium will worth the high price (double the price of Gaana Plus) with all missing (unplayable) tracks. I hope Spotify can soon add them.

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