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Awful new UI




The new user interface of Spotify is horrible.

I never had a reason to complain about Spotify for the last 5 years. I always used the app, and it’s the first time I feel compelled to come here and spend my time to complain about it.


The latest update where all the layout of the library changed is the breaking point. The minor changes prior were still awful but I could live with it. But the fact that I cannot see in my library the latest songs and album I listened to is just plain counterproductive and unergonomic. I tried to save them in my favs, even if they’re not, but still the songs are missing. I really hate that last update. It features no improvement whatsoever.


I really loved Spotify from the beginning : the freedom to listen to nearly every song is just beautiful. But the app is now starting to be a major turndown. The downfall started a bit longer ago, but recently it has accelerated.


Please do something, or let us come back to the old version which is way better.

Why don’t leave the choice of the UI to the user in the app settings ?


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iOS 11


Who Me Too'd this topic