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Can't find my songs saved on App....

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Samsung Galaxy 9



I noticed a few days ago while using the app in my car that it all of a sudden would only play 1 of 1 song and not continue through the artist or playlist. I figured I'd look into it later. A day or 2 later, I then went into my app to look up a particular artist and the app looked completely different. I figured it was an update but I am getting extremely frustrated because when I go to my library it will not bring up MY songs. I will click on the artist and instead of taking me to my albums & songs that I have saved, It switches back to home like I searched for the artist initially, showing me whats available from them. It will not show me my specific albums and my specific songs that I have saved from particular albums. 

I logged out and back in, I uninstalled and re-installed the app. I checked my subscription which is active. I logged in through my browser and that still shows everything correctly.

I am at a loss. Any help is appreciated!

Who Me Too'd this topic