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Unsave all the Song from an Album in One Click Doesn't Work Anymore

After the new update, when I delete my downloaded file (for example, an album, which automatically makes all songs from that album added to the Saved Song list),  I cannot unsave all the songs except do it manually for each songs, previously I only need to click the unsave button (now the unsave button will only remove the album from the Album list). Please fix this, I need a feature to unsave all the songs easily (like in the previous version); I downloaded all my music for offline listening, having to unsave all the songs manually from an album with a lot of songs is a bad UX.


TL;DR: In the previous version there is a button to unsave all the songs from an album in one click, now it's no longer there. Please add it again. 


(This happens in adroid device and PC)

Who Me Too'd this topic