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How to delete specific songs in my library - artist page







iPhone 6s


My Question or Issue

Okay, so I don't like to spend my time making a bunch of playlists and such, and I like to listen to one artist at a time. So the large majority of the time I go into my artist page and listen per artist. However, I struggle because sometimes I download songs or albums that I find undesirable by that artist but I love their other stuff. It is SO IRRITATING to go into an artist I like and then have 10 songs I have to skip because that specific album sucked and I can't figure out how to remove it. I can go and click "go to album" and remove it from my downloads but it still stays in my library. WHY. and HOW. How the heck can I get rid of the songs??

Spotify, PLEASE make this simpler for people like me. I beg of you. It's driving me nuts to pay for this service and end up frustrated by how inconvienent it is to listen my way. I also have a bunch of artists I no longer listen to but can't find a way to delete them from my account. HELP ME

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