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lost my saved songs.








iPhone 6s 

Operating System

IOS 10

My Question or Issue:

this latest update is by far the biggest step back in the companies progress to make the app more accessible and user friendly.  Instead of finding an Artist you’ve saved and immediately getting the songs you purposely saved, it takes you to the artists page where you have to go hunting for what you want to listen to.  ALSO! Why in the world did the speed scroll alphabet run in down the right side of the screen go away?? Now you have to scroll like crazy to get to any band that starts with “S”.  Now regarding the new Liked Songs Playlist that all your saved songs moved to, you have to remember exactly what song it was you wanted to listen to, instead of having even the simplist organsizational system. Yeah we get Hulu I guess but this is seriously pissing me off. Not to mention I’ve lost probably a hundred bands that I’ve saved to the Artist section of my library. Considering Apple Music, which is sad because up until now Spotify was the easiest to use and best organized platform. 


Who Me Too'd this topic