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Strange web slayer appears.

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HUAWEI P20, huawei Mata 10

Operating System



My Question or Issue

Some weeks ago I noticed my Spotify randomly changed trackes/playlist. To the worst possible hiphop the world has ever created.

I loged on and used the "log off on all accounts" button.

Changed my Facebook password and loged off on all devices as well.

It was Allright for a week or so, now the same behaviour continues, a rogue web player (chrome) appears in the device menu.

My music dousnt stop as you would expect from a other user using the acount,  instead it starts crappy hiphop not even letting it play, skipping tracks every 20 30 sec or so.


So "Spotify" fix it or shall I cancel my subscription and move on to Google music?...



Who Me Too'd this topic