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Spotify Android keeps buffering or pausing on mobile networks

Casual Listener






Samsung Galaxy S9+

Operating System

Android 9 One Touch UI 1.0

Spotify Version

Spotify has become practically unusable since the Android 9 updates. It takes forever to load any content, sometimes won't even connect and goes into offline mode, searches don't work, Takes forever to start to play, and then it will play just a bit then start pausingor buffering for seconds at a time, play another second or two, pause again, and on and on until I either restart the song or just shut it down and give up trying. Doesn't seem to matter how strong my mobile signal is, or if it's 4G or even 5G service. I've done the full list of fixes: Restarted phone, cleared cache, cleared all data (restarting every time), uninstalling, rebooting and reinstalling. I've tried setting Data Saver to Off, Behind the Lyrics is Off (I have no use for that on my phone), Car View On or Off (I have no use for that feature either and I wish it was not enabled by default), Waze Navigation Off (again, please quit trying to shove that down my throat), Streaming Auto, Normal, Low, High, Download Using Cellular On/Off,   Absolutely NOTHING makes any difference. it just refuses to connect in a decent amount of time, load any content properly, or stream properly. And many times after a phone call or message comes in on my phone it won't start up again.

Seriously about ready to dump my account for another service because this is useless right now and it's been going on like this for weeks.


Who Me Too'd this topic