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Someone hijacked my account, should I be worried?

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A few days ago I got an email from Spotify in Turkish. I used a translating tool to see what it was about and it looked like one of those "recover your password" emails. I figured someone just had a similar email to mine and made a typo so I just ignored it. But today I saw that someone had created a playlist, on my account, with only Turkish songs in it, and it was in my "recently played" list as well, so obviously someone has gained access to my account which I find very unsettling.


I logged onto the website, changed my password and then signed out from all devices. I wanted to contact Spotify to see if I should do anything else but since it's Saturday I assume they don't open before Monday.

Does anyone here know if I should be worried or take any extra precautions? I do have my credit card number connected to my account since I have the Premium plan.


Thanks in advance

Who Me Too'd this topic