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Spotify swithes to internal storage after restart (COST ME MONEY!)

After I restarted my phone, my Spotify app switches to internal storage instead of SD-card, downloading all of my 3000+ songs again. This was only an annoyance before, since it fills up my internal storage to the max. But today it also cost me money, because it happened at work where I am not connected to WiFi.


I have my app set to download using cellular because I occasionally download a song when I'm in the train or something. Now my bundle is done. Thank you very much Spotify. I am not happy.


Not only that, but this issue has already been addressed in freakin' 2016 [1], which topic is closed WITHOUT REPLY



Or give a workaround.


Samsung Galaxy A8

256 GB SD card

Android Pie 9.0


[1] https://community.spotify.com/t5/Android/Storage-changed-after-every-Restart/td-p/1395877

Who Me Too'd this topic