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Family member cannot join the invitation, it says "unable to join this family plan"

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Hi All,


I have this situation,

I have a family plan registered, and I also the admin of the group.

I invite 2 of my brothers, and 1 invitation works properly, no issues.

but the other 1, got problem, he's unable to register (samsung device).


I keep repeating send the invitation, re-send also cancel, send the invitation again, over and over again, still unable to join the family plan.


additional info, this is our 4th months subscription, and this guy enjoy until last month (march), a week ago, all this things happen, and we have no idea, why with spotify, while the rest 2 of us are still use spotify normally.


is there anything else I missed.

Please advise.



Premium for family




(Xiaomi mi a2 lite, Iphone 6, Samsung J7 pro)

Who Me Too'd this topic