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Instagram Stories Spotify link doesn't link to correct song shared






Samsung Galaxy S8+

Operating System

Android 9 Pie


My Question or Issue

1. Shared a song on instagram story via share button within the Spotify app

2. Other instagram users clicking on 'listen on spotify' on my story doesnt bring them to the song that i shared (works for me but doesnt work for my friends or other people viewing my stories - it directs them to a different song)

3. Instead it directs it to a random playlist, and starts playing another song from that playlist

4. ???

5. Please fix


Also, the same happens when i click on songs that other users shared - it directs me to a different song (or a different song in the playlist)


I dont know if its intentional by Spotify, but if i share a certain song on my social media, i want them to be able to listen to THAT ONE SONG, not the whole playlist.


Thank you

Who Me Too'd this topic