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April 9th update is crashing and rebooting my Google Pixel 3

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United States


Google Pixel 3XL

Operating System

Android 9 Pie


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I have used and loved Spotify for years and years. And when I say "use", I mean I REALLY use Spotify. It is playing on my phone about 9 hours a day at least 5 days a week. I have never had any issues with it until the recent update released on April 9th. Now, after listening for an hour or so, my phone crashes and reboots. This happens repeatedly. I have cleared the cache, and also completely reinstalled the app twice. I have power cycled my phone as well and ensured everything is up-to-date. I was so fed up with it I actually downloaded Pandora (which I hate) and I'm able to listen to that all day long with no issue. Only Spotify is experiencing/causing this issue. Please help, I would like to get back to using my favorite music and podcasts.


Before you ask:

  • I do not have any cache-clearing apps installed
  • I have not rooted my phone or installed custom OS
  • I do not have an SD card
  • I am not using power-saving mode
  • I do not have any offline devices on my account
  • This occurs on both Wi-Fi and mobile network



Something interesting happened today, I didn't use Spotify all day but my phone still ended up crashing and restarting once in the afternoon. It happens way way more often when I am using Spotify, but right now it seems that maybe it is an issue with the phone and not Spotify. I tried turning off Wi-Fi completely (I noticed it seems to happen when I am entering/leaving my office) and so far I think it is improved. I am going to leave Wi-Fi fully disabled for the next few days and see if this fixes it.



I've had wi-fi disabled completely for about a week now and the issue has not happened again. I tried enabling wi-fi again briefly, and the issue occurred again after just a few hours. So it's pretty clear this has nothing to do with Spotify, but the amount of network activity produced by Spotify just causes it to occur more frequently when using the app. I'm going to contact Google since it appears to be a defect with the phone and/or operating system itself.

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