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Podcast do not continue playing where it stop after broadcasting to google Home




Country USA



Iphone XR

Operating System

iOS 12.2

App version

My Question or Issue


There is something that is annoying me everytime when I play a podcast.

If I am at home, I like to broadcast to my google home and let it playing when I am doing other activities. The problem is: I stop the broadcast saying the command to google home or even pressing stop on my device and then I decide keep listening in my car or my earphone the podcast return at the point where I started to broadcast.


For exemple: I starting listening and after 20 minutes I stop the broadcast and connect my airpod. The episode gonna start from the beginning. Even though if the app show the right time when I paused before I press play again.


I am attaching some screenshots to show the issue.

I noticed now that the issue is on the google home that doesnt communicate the progress to the app.


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Env: prod