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Can't access my time capsule yet I have used Spotify 4+yrs






United Staes



(Samsung Galaxy s7 edge & web player on Chromebook) 


My Question or Issue 

I have been a Spotify premium member for 4+ years and recently I have been trying to access my 'time capsule' and after not finding it under the 'made for you' of 'decades' sections I visited https://timecapsule.spotify.com/ and it said that "You need to listen to more tracks on Spotify to get a personalized Time Capsule playlist" which doesn't make sense as I listen to music on the daily. 


I made sure I was signed into my account on the browser and tried it again but still got the same message.


I have a feeling that it might be connected to another problem I have were none of my recent played artists show up under my recently played artists on my profile page (I tried fixing that by turning the private sesh mode off and on again and restarting my app but it didn't do anything) but that is just a very uneducated guess.


I was really looking forward to listening to my time capsule so let me know if you have any ideas on how to fix my problem.


Thank you!

Who Me Too'd this topic