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"Liked songs" playlist doesn't contain all my liked songs






Xiaomi Mi 9

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So, I got the UI update for the library, and yeah I got mad when I saw it took away from me the ability to shuffle my entire library thanks to the "Songs" tab.

From what I understand, this "songs" tab is supposed to be replaced by the "Liked Songs" playlist, in which are supposed to figure all the songs I've liked (i.e. added to my library). But... no. I only got 194 songs in this playlist when I have saved hundreds of albums. The songs that are in this playlist are songs I've liked on Daily Mixes and individual songs I've liked after this update (if I add an album to my library, this album's song won't appear in this playlist)


So, my question is: how do I play my music like I used to, shuffling through all my library ? Please don't tell me I have to manually "like" every single song I've already added to my library.

Who Me Too'd this topic