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App crashing when opening the context menu for songs albums or playlist :(

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I have tried different versions of the app and they all have the same problem ... Except for Spotify lite.

Edit: the share button at the bottom right of the now playing screen also crashes the app.


CRASH LOG: "https://del.dog/veqayequmu.makefile"


 I have also attached a screen recording( It does the same at other places as well and not just in now playing screen or something ) .. please help it's very annoying .. I cannot add songs to the queue or share the song or add it them playlist ( easily )

I am using a custom ROM so I thought the problem was with the current Firmware but It does the same on the other 2 ROM that I tried. 



Operating System

Android 9 ( 32 bit arm .. not arm64)



Who Me Too'd this topic