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Spotify Playlists on Alexa



I have an issue with my Alexa devices and Spotify, in that it cant find some playlists, or will not play a playlist, instead it just does one song. I've seen this on a few forums but no exact match to my issue, nor a resolution.


This may be a Spotify issue, however if i use Google Assistant (Android Auto) in my car, it can find them no problems


So we have a family spotify account, which give 5 users premium access - 1 for me, my wife, the "house" (which is the one Alexa is linked to) and 2 spare, for my kids when i can sort it


The idea was the house has its own, so i dont stop the music in my car when im on he road, or vise versa, etc


So, if i now ask Alexa "play the big little lies soundtrack" it will play the one track, from TV themes - which can be found easily on Spotify. If i search on Spotify manually on a phone, i can find it no problems. I've tried matching the exact wording of the playlist, asking it to shuffle, i've removed and re-added my Spotify account to Alexa!


This is just one example though. It also cannot find "Kids TV Theme Tunes" playlist, although again i can on a phone


Regions for Spotify and Alexa are both set to UK


Please could somebody help me out with a solution to this. If Alexa cant find public playlists on Spotify, then there isn't any point in it for me as that is the main reason we have it


Thanks in advance

Who Me Too'd this topic