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Stop auto play when connected to Bluetooth

Come on Spotify. How long do we need to wait for this simple fix? It is unbelievably annoying to have Spotify autostart in my car. 'oh, we can't control that that's an Android issue blah blah blah blah blah...' oh yeah it is an Android issue but there's tons of fixes out there using tools like Tasker, but I don't want to install Tasker to fix a problem with your product. And it is your problem despite it being one of the dumbest things Android does, you could fix it. All you have to do is put a button in your settings and then write a bit of code to reroute the Android command to nowhere. I mean how hard is that for you to do? And the reason it is your problem is because it's your app that is annoying everyone by starting automatically. It happens in the middle of conversations, it happens when I am trying to run other music apps, it happens over and over. And you know what people say when it happens?  They don't say oh man I wish Android would fix that... They say why does Spotify freaking do that... it's making me crazy and that's a brand problem for you. Please do this easy fix.








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