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Volume resets to max when scrolling through instagram stories

Hi everyone,


for quite some time I'm experiencing an issue with volume, which kind of freaks me out so much, that I'm starting this thread here.


Every time I'm scrolling through Instagram Stories on my iPhone XR, running iOS 12.3.1, while listening to music with Spotify Connect through my Laptop or arbitrary Connect client, the volume resets to the very level I set initially when I started the music. This is really really annoying, because my ears feel like they're bleeding.

Of course I tried to just turn down the volume only in Instagram, but that also turns down the music which plays in another room. And as soon as the next story entry appears, the volume reverts to the level of the music / the level before I turned down the volume.


I'm using Spotify Premium at home with the Connect feature only, so this is just insane - I have to decide whether I like to listen to music OR watch Instagram stories...


Here's how to reproduce what I'm experiencing:


- Play music through Spotify Connect (control it from iPhone)

- Set volume to e.g. 75%

- Switch to Instagram app, open arbitrary story

- Get annoyed

- Turn down volume to e.g. 25%

- Go to the very next story entry

- Watch how volume reverts to 75%

- Get even more annoyed


I really don't want an explanation here why this is or what you were thinking how this should've improved UX - I just want it to be as it was before. Without this "feature".


In case my English isn't quite comprehensible, I made a short clip to show what I mean exactly: 

Who Me Too'd this topic