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Serious Bug: iPhone suddenly stops playing and switches to FireFox WebPlayer and also switches songs

Every few songs, my Spotify will switch to a random song in a random album or playlist and notify me Spotify is now playing through Firefox web player. I do not use Spotify on Firefox and do not listen to the type of music it selects. I am 99% sure this has nothing to do with someone else hijacking my account because the music is usually never very popular or follow a pattern.
I have already:
-logged out of all Spotify locations
-logged out of all facebook locations
-deleted all apps associated with Spotify
-deleted apps associated with facebook
-changed my facebook password
Relevant details:
Device: iPhone XR, iOS 12.2
Account: family plan/premium
Log in: facebook
Country: USA
Music quality: automatic
This is incredibly frustrating. I can no longer listen to Spotify because it changes songs so quickly. I have been a loyal customer for two years now, and I hope you can resolve my issue ASAP.
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