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new update is awful




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iPhone 8

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Normally I don't worry about the updates, because if they aren't any good other people will comment and it'll get changed soon enough, but I can't not say something about this new version. You can't search through your albums or artists with side scrolling through the alphabet, which makes scrolling through a huge library incredibly tedious. Some bands I've liked recently are no longer in my library. It used to be you liked a song and that song showed up in your library, but now there are songs that I liked that were literally in my library yesterday and now they are no longer there, even though I can find the song and it shows that I've liked it.

I love Spotify, it is the most used App on my phone, and my life would literally not be the same without it, and under normal circumstances I don't like bitching because its not like you guys did this to **bleep** me off, but seriously, this update was garbage, and it really should be fixed promptly.

Who Me Too'd this topic