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Problems with Discover Weekly "infected" with awful music.


I'm trying to fix a heavily infected discover weekly. I'm describing it as infected because this all comes from a playlist of rain noise that I was using to help with sleep, and now means I get nothing but ambient pan pipes and chanting "music" on my Discover Weekly.


I have been trying everything to stop this, I no longer use this playlist and have switched to Amazon music. I've also used the "I don't like this song" option repeatedly an have listened to quite a bit of punk and house to try and influence my metrics, but it's been no use. I'm 6 weeks on and still getting this awful stuff each week. Discover was probably my favorite feature in Spotify.


Also - can Spotify please add a "Do not influence my music choices" option to playlists or specific songs? I was aware that this could happen but mistakenly thought that by making the playlist private it would prevent it. It's a real disappointment that there is no easy way to do this.

Who Me Too'd this topic