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New update- why can't I listen to only the songs I saved from an artist?







iPhone XR

Operating System



My Question or Issue

This update has made searching for songs on the fly just about impossible. I am used to pulling up artists in my library that contains JUST the songs I saved from that artist. Now when I select that artist, I'm forced to go to their Artist Page where I can only thumb through their who knows how many albums until I find the song I want-- all while being forced to listen through all the songs I don't want to listen to. What the **bleep**? This is extremely frustrating and makes it nearly impossible to listen to what I actually want to listen to. I don't want to search and apply filters every time I want to listen to something. I just want to press through what I want in a few seconds, which is what I used to do. This is very, very annoying.


Is there any way I can go back to a previous version of the app? Because as of right now I can't listen to anything the way I want to. So f*cking frustrating.

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