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songs not visible on artist page

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Huawei Honor 7

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I usually listen to my music either through the full songs list or the artist pages in my library. The former still works just fine, but for some reason the artist page no longer shows saved songs on the phone . This bug started yesterday.


The only solution seems to be liking the album (is liking distinct from saving songs/albums to the library, I don't remember seeing this earlier?), at which point the entire album's songs are visible on my phone. However, this is not optimal as it would require tons of time to do this for my entire library, and it clogs up the artist page with songs I don't want there.


On PC, all the songs I've previously saved are visible, while liking the album also causes the other songs to pop up. These just lack the "saved to library" checkmark. I've also included a screenshot of this.


Meanwhile, if i "like" an individual song on the phone, it shows up on my PC as saved to the library and is visible on the artist page, but on the phone, it can only be found on the songs list. The artist page still only shows songs from liked albums.

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