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June Update Is Awful







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Just wanted to pile on to the June Update posts, in case Spotify counts them in some sort of metric. It seems like the Spotify team crafted the perfect way to completely ruin the user interface.


For me the biggest issue is that the "Albums" tab only shows FULL albums that I've saved, whereas it used to show every album from every track I'd saved even if it was only one or two tracks from the album. Now those are all gone, which was a significant portion of my library. There's no easy way to browse for those tracks either - if I want something specific, I'm forced to manually type its name into a search box. This is garbage UI.


Spotify has been killing the game with most of their recent updates - but this ain't it. I didn't think it would come to this, but if this isn't fixed within a month I'm cancelling my subscription.

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