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Spotify Android app disconnects from Google Home

Casual Listener






Google Pixel 3 Xl, Google Home

Operating System

Android (build PQ3A.190605.004.A1) 

Spotify app version

My Question or Issue

When I cast from my phone to my Google Home, the 'connection' drops out within seconds of minimising the app (ie changing to a different app) and I'm no longer able to control Spotify (eg skip, play, etc). 


However the music continues to play on my Google Home. And I'm able to control the music if I use the Google Home app on my phone. Just can't control it using the app. 


It's frustrating particularly when I want to skip songs or move to another play list. In order to do this I need to go back to the app, go to 'connect to a device', have the music stop on the GH as I'm 'streaming from another device', reconnect and go back to find where I was up to. 


I've only noticed this issue recently. 


Any help would be great. 

Who Me Too'd this topic