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Saved Songs & Download Function Change


As many others have noticed, the functionality when downloding songs has changed and its horribly painful and I am in strong favours for it to be changed back.


Previously, you could automatically like a song by selecting (+) and it would automatically download, be added to your songs, and you can listen freely.


Now, the only way to download a song individually is by liking the song, and selecting all downloads on thew new "Liked" Playlist.


All i want to do is listen to a song offline, without the hassle of downloading thousand of other liked songs. Even with albums saved, you cannot remove a download for a particular song, its either all or nothing now. 


Why change a process which was never broke? It's unfair to roll out an update which goes against what people are paying for and enjoy. 


Example - I was listening to some Gun's N' Roses tracks the other day, all i wanted to do was download 5 songs and listen offline on my commute home. Instead, when I liked the songs, I got on my train and the songs were greyed out and wouldnt let me listen! This is insane, and to be honest im considering cancelling my spotify account and going to Apple Music. I have 3200 songs on my liked playlist. I do NOT want to download 3200 songs, i just wanted to download those 5 songs, but Spotify have now disabled that option. 


Interested to hear other peoples views on this as i cannot be the only one who dislikes this new update, please comment & share your thoughts!


Who Me Too'd this topic