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Sportify Connect does not connect






Samsung Note 9 and NAD amplifier with bluesound module

Operating System

Android 9


I have been using Spotify Connect without problems for the last 2 years. I use my Samsung Note 9 to control my NAD amplifier with bluesound streaming module.


Since last week, this does not work anymore. The amplifier/streamer is still listed as an available device in the Spotify app on my phone, but when I select it, a connection cannot be made. The amplifier/streamer does not seem to be the problem, because it streams without problems from other sources.


I can "solve" the problem when I delete all the data of my Spotify app and log in again, or if I reinstall the app completely. Then the connection can be made, but the problem reappears about one hour later.


I have tried all the usual tricks (unplugging/rebooting/reinstalling...) but nothing seems to work. I would be very happy if someone had an idea how to solve this problem.




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