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Google Assistant Plays Censored Versions of Songs







Samsung S9 SM-G960U

Operating System

Android 9 Pie

My Question or Issue

When I use voice commands through Google Assistant to play music on Spotify, it sometimes defaults to censored/edited versions of the song. If I use the mic button from within Spotify, it plays the original version of the music.

I have "allow explicit content" set to ON in my settings.

There is no Google Assistant setting that looks relevant. 

Example album: Aesop Rock's "Impossible Kid"

Recreation steps: 

1. Search for "Impossible Kid" by typing in album in search bar from Spotify. Explicit content shows first. Plays normally.

2. Tap search in Spotify, then tap mic icon and say "Play Impossible Kid". Explicit content shows first. Plays normally.

3. Say "Okay Google" and wait for tone prompt. Then say "Play Impossible Kid on Spotify" or "Play Impossible Kid" or "Play the album Impossible Kid" etc., and the clean, censored version of the album plays. This is most easily noted on track 3 at around the 0:40s mark. "I should give a sh-t less".


Would be great to have a fix to this, but also, no music should default away from its original version. The setting from within the app(s) should be to block explicit content as preferred, not allow explicit as preferred. Not only will this solve tertiary problems caused by inverse sorting (fewer songs need to be edited than don't), but it doesn't seem to assume that music requires censorship.

Either way, please fix or provide steps.

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