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New UI unusable


Hi, I’m using Spotify on my iPhone and a bunch of various Macs as well as an echo dot. There is nothing better than Spotify Connect out there right now. I really want to love Spotify and continue to use it but the new interface completely ruins the experience for me. 


I have songs in my library I don’t necessarily “love” but still want in my library. Why does it have to be a heart with “Liked Songs”? 


Sorting by artist is a joke. Does Spotify really expect me to go in and follow each artist that is in my library? Additionally, there are many artists that I only have a few specific albums saved. Now there’s no easy way for me to play all my saved songs from a particular artist, except to create a playlist. I will not be going in and creating 50 playlists of “artist mixes”. I already had the functionality before. Please bring back the normal artist view of my saved songs. 


I want EVERYTHING I’ve saved (err... ‘liked’) to be saved for offline listening. This functionality appears to be broken? I’ve gone in and turned offline listening on for all of my ‘liked’ songs however a ton of music is missing since the update.  My local songs not on Spotify have disappeared. 


I’m only scratching the surface with my grievances here. I know there’s been other discussions on this topic however I feel the response from the Spotify moderators is grossly inadequate. I’ve tried to give it time, and I’ve tried following the guides given here on how the new interface works. It’s changed the way I listen to music, and not in a good way. 


I beg those with the authority to at least give an option in settings to revert some of the UI changes. I can’t continue to pay for a service which is basically taking away features at every update and then responding with “here’s how it works!” when people complain in the forums, not even addressing the issue in the topic. I see what you’re going for but you’ve ruined my music library and frustrated me to the point of moving over to Apple Music. 


Thank you for reading. 

Who Me Too'd this topic

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