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I have read everything that Spotify, the Spotify Community Forums, and Samsung have to say about this issue. Everything. This functionally STILL. DOES. NOT. WORK. And it doens't work on A LOT of Samsung watches. I had a different Samsung watch a while ago and upgraded to this one, all the same issues persisted.  So then I tested this functionality on ALL the current Samsung watches available and it only actually works maybe 25% of the time (I work at Best Buy). I know my around these watches and Samsung devices in general. The app NEEDS A PATCH UPDATE OR RE-VAMPED APP ENTIRELY TO SOLVE THIS. There simply is no other way a user can fix this. I've succesfully logged into a standalone Spotify Premium account (not a Facebook linked one, that is a separate issue), disconnected from the phone, used WiFi on the watch to download a playlist (successfully), switched playback mode to "Standalone" and the app still will not play the downloaded content even with "Offline" mode ON and OFF. Most of the time, the downloaded playlist/content shows up empty ("No music" or "No offline music") but honestly it's a plethora of errors that keep users from being able to listen to downloaded content, depending on the watch. Even the "Browse" and "Your Music" lists show up as "No items". Keep in mind this is AFTER all the troubleshooting that you can possibly find on the internet. Reinstalling the app, re-logging into spotify, restarting the watch, the phone, re-pairing the watch, etc. I'm starting to get customers with the current Samsung Watches asking about this same issue and I just simply cannot tell them anything because Spotify won't patch this issue. SPOTIFY: This is THE ENTIRE REASON why people buy these watches. They are spending anywhere from $150 to god knows what on this tech that YOU ARE FAILING TO SUPPORT. You MUST make this a priority if you value your relationship with Samsung (possibly others?) because I've already started stearing customers away from dropping the coin on a watch and just sticking with the phone instead becasue your app does not work the way they want it to AT ALL. I don't want responses with walk-throughs, work-arounds, or any other user-based troubleshooting. Spotify needs to make the Galaxy Wear App a priority and Spotify needs to re-vamp it. That's all there is to it. 



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