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Google Cast as nearby device..... everywhere


A friend of mine has a very strange problem. In her connect to a device near you, there is always a Google Cast showing up. First we thought that it was a nearby device but while I was there, it didn't show up in my spotify. Also, she does not own a chromecast or any other device of some sort herself. She has it on  3 different phones at this moment: Huawei p20 lite, and two Samsung devices. One of wich is her daughter's wich initially did not show the problem. Now the strage part is that the device is also there when she is not home. Because of her work, she travels quite a bit and even while on her way and when she is on mobile data, it is there. She even tried connecting to that device. it asks for a pin code and here is another oddity: sometimes certain codes work (the screen then hangs on connecting to device) and sometimes it asks for another code. One thing I need to add is that she is targetted by a cyber stalker. Is there a logical eplination for this or are we seeing proof that someone is indeed listening/reading in on her phone? 


Sorry for the dutch in the screenshot.


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