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Spotify Links on Instagram Not Working





United States


(iPhone 6S)

Operating System

(iOS 12)


My Question or Issue

I'm an artist that has music on Spotify and I usually promote it on my Instagram. Although I could promote through my Instagram Story, I typically leave a link in my Instagram bio so that fans can easily access it without me having to post on my story. Whenever I tap on the link, it does not open the Spotify app, neither does it open in Safari. It doesn't even connect. I copied and pasted the link from the Spotify app (I also tried doing this from a desktop to see if it'd fix the problem but it didn't). I also tried doing another form of connection by using a third party application Toneden that gathers links for an artist's music, in which it'd display the connections to several different platforms (Spotify being included). The connections to other platforms worked just fine, but when I tapped the Spotify link it gave me the same issue that I previously had when I had the link alone in my bio. Please let me know if this issue has been resolved. Thank you. Here is the music I tried putting a link to (in case this might help): https://open.spotify.com/album/3Bxykxqag9lZwNPwsiTuXP?si=n2MSPuzaSq2PFMsEaLAxxA 

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