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Random song keeps interrupting my music

Casual Listener

Plan—> Premium

Country—> Canada



iPhone 7PLUS, Samsung SmartTV, MacBook Air

Operating System

(Idk what systems)


My Question or Issue

Hi! I have a problem that I desperately need fixed. 

I’ll be playing songs/playlist/artist, whatever it may be, and then midway through the song, a random song will start playing. When it first happened, I thought it was Alexa’s fault (I have Alexa hooked up to my Spotify account as my speakers, sometimes it will skip a song thinking it heard my voice command to do so) but that is not the case, since it keeps happening even when I’m not playing music through my Echos. I’ve played music via my cellphone, my TV, and my laptop, and all three have skipped playing a song midway and started playing a song called ak (artist aa), or another called Moment Up (artist Niccox). 


This has been happening for a while. I’ve browsed through “solved” similar problems and done what each suggests but nothing has helped. I’ve changed my password numerous times and logged out of everywhere. It’s still happening. It happened again just now. Can anyone help me fix this?

Who Me Too'd this topic