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Music pauses and starts playing again randomly


I know this problem has been discussed multiple times but I haven't found an answer so far. 

As I've written in the topic: the music stops and starts playing again randomly. The intervals last usually from a few seconds to 2-3 minutes and it always happens when the screen turns off (but only sometimes immediately when it happens) and regardless of internet connection. On the other hand, this never happens when my phone ia connected to a bluetooth device in my car.

And yes, I've tried clearing cache, reinstalling, changing password and so on. The only thing that works is logging out on all devices, but it's quite annoying to do this like 10 times a day - helps only for a short while.

I'm using Samsung Galaxy 9+, spotify premium.

If anyone has any other ideas what could be done - I'd be very grateful. 

Who Me Too'd this topic