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[Android] Shuffling only 20 of my saved songs





United Kingdom


Samsung Galaxy 10 Plus

Operating System

Android 9


My Question or Issue

Hello, a day ago I noticed that my songs were repeating when I played them in shuffled mode. This seemed odd as I have a lot of saved songs.

Today it happened again, it seems that spotify is shuffling only 10-20 songs from the list. I had the repeat toggle on so the songs were repeated once the list has ended.

I think it can be reproduced by:

1. Playing the saved songs in shuffle.

2. Stop playing and close the app. Wait some time, in my case a night.

3. Open the app and press the play button. Do not start a new shuffled playlist but instead continue listening the one started the previous day.

This in my case results in shuffling a subset of the songs that are saved.


My Spotify is version

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