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Remove currently playing song from current playlist without searching for song: iPhone

If I am listening to a specific playlist that has hundreds of songs in it and I am listening to it on shuffle and I want to remove the currently playing song from the playlist I have to go to the playlist, search for the current song, then remove it.  This is a very long-winded way of doing this if you need to remove lots of songs, especially when there could just be a "remove from playlist" option for the currently playing song.

Currently the options for the currently playing song are "Add to playlist, add to queue, share, go to radio, etc".  It would be easy to add "remove from playlist" to this list.  Is there a reason that this is not possible, practical, or a good idea?

Tech info:
Spotify premium
iPhone 5s
iOS: 12.3.1

United Kingdom

Spotify version:

Who Me Too'd this topic