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Is Spotify stagnant? They don't seem to be improving or updating at all.

Been a Spotify user for years, and I have not seen any updates, changes, improvements to the platform at all in my time being a paid user. Are they just on autopilot and taking money? Are they too broke to staff developers? Are they just too detached to care? All the things that other platforms have that I wish Spotify would adopt are one that have been suggested in these forums and on their suggestions forum for years and upvoted thousands of times because they really are quite basic. Stuff like being able to shuffle play a folder not just a playlist, or be able to edit folders on mobile. Heck, even editing profile pic and name without syncing a Facebook account would be nice.... I used to pick Spotify over the competition because of its integration with a jukebox party app I used to use, but changes to Spotified TOS pushed their project out if existence so it's hard to justify sticking with a service that seems stagnant.

Who Me Too'd this topic