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Casting to Chromecast audio broken for specific case


None of the below information is required. 



Country: United States



Macbook Pro 13-inch 2018, Google Pixel 3, Web Player

Operating System: MacOS Mojave 10.14.6, Android 10, Google Chrome


My Question or Issue:

Casting to my chromecast audio seems to break if I try to play a specific album a certain way:

1. Playing the ASCEND album by Illenium when accessed through Your Library > Music > Albums on my Pixel 3 causes casting to break. Even if already casting other music, selecting the album this way will cause casting to stop. At this point, switching between my phone, laptop, and even web browser becomes glitchy.


2. Searching for Illenium and selecting the album from his artist page seems to work fine and does not break casting or device switching.


3. Creating a playlist for the album and selecting the playlist doesn't seem to break casting or device switching.


4. Accessing any other albums using the method described in point 1 does not seem to break casting or device switching.


Who Me Too'd this topic