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Spotify takes forever to load and stops

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Hey guys,

I've been having problems with my phone app lately and frankly I don't know what to do anymore 😞

On either on or offline mode my Spotify app takes forever to turn from the dark gray background to for instance my Playlist interface. Even in offline mode the app takes a lot of time to "load" a song. Sometimes it pauses the rendition several times during a song or after two or three songs. 

I've tried reinstalling it, clearing the cache, restarting my phone etc. As I'm paying for Spotify premium I find it quite disappointing to not be able to rely on the app 😕 From time to time it helps to close the app and clear the cache, but it's not fixed in the long run. 

Hope someone can help me fix it, as I miss my playlists not being remixed by lags :///






Samsung Galaxy S9

Operating System

Newest Android update

Who Me Too'd this topic