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I can't log from Android phone

This is so frustrating. Every morning during the commute, I connect my phone to my car and find out that it can't login! I created the account through facebook so if I try to login through facebook, it says something went wrong and I should try again later or use the email. I try email and it constantly tell me my email password combination is wrong but I can login to the spotify website with exact same email and password combo.

I tried using device code to login, no use. I tried to delete all the cache, no use.

Customer service for spotify is no help either. It told me to reset the password, which doesn't help cause as soon as I get the link in mail and try to reset the password, it says link expired! (even though I just got it like 5 min ago)

They ask me to take screenshot which is dumb cause their own app prevent screenshot on the android (they should know this).

Only solution is I have to reinstall several time before it starts working and sometimes I even have to reinstall in the apk format!

I can't do that every single time I want to use the spotify!

Anyone have any solution to what is going on?!








Moto X4

Operating System

Android 9


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